Hutchison Creed

       Hutchison Whampoa adheres to the business philosophy of "passing, helping, and leading". "Transfer"-pass our knowledge of products, sales skills, service processes and management experience to new employees without reservation. "Help"-help employees at all levels to improve their work and learning capabilities, and give them more opportunities for promotion and training. Help employees to solve the problems and difficulties encountered in life in sales. "Bring" ~ Boss and manager lead by example, work ahead and actively participate in the market. The company advocates learning from example and learning from excellence; Hutchison people always believe that "there are always more ways than difficulties".

       We firmly believe that we should be responsible for the doctors, nurses, patients and their relatives and friends we serve, and the people who use our products and receive our services. The company focuses on serving customers. We will continue to introduce more and better high-quality products to serve customers and patients. We must supply customer orders quickly and accurately.

       Hutchison people are responsible to all our partners and employees who work with us. The company's remuneration system is fair and reasonable, and employees are encouraged to make more suggestions and speak freely when they encounter problems. The company gives every qualified employee opportunities for development and promotion, and encourages employees to take on family responsibilities.

       The company adheres to the tenet of being responsible to shareholders, employees and customers. Welcome positive. Friends who can manage themselves well and have positive energy join the big family of Hutchison.